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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Rest In Peace Speedy

League champion 92

When I first became aware of my love for Leeds United was in the 91/92 season this also happened to be the season we were crowned champions of England this may paint me as a glory fan but I was only 7/8 years old and my dad is a life long Leeds fan so I have more than enough reason there to support them . Anyway my point is that the Midfield 4some of Gordon Strachen , Gary McAllister, David Batty and Gary Speed  were as a group as good as any midfield in Leeds United history definitely up there with the great Don Revie midfield of the 60's , The most exciting of these midfielder s was the young Welshman Gary Speed his driving runs down the left wing were a sight to behold his crosses for supreme target man Lee Chapman were a thing of beauty and his far post headed and volleyed goals were a example for all young wide-men of how to get in to the box and score goals .

I was devastated when we sold Speed to Everton for at the time a good sum of £3.5 million to me he seemed to epitomise everything that is Leeds United the drive , desire to play for the shirt , the passion . we would struggle to replace him until a certain Australian left winger came through our academy in the late 90's .

Speed went on to play many many many more premier league games for clubs like Newcastle and Bolton on top of the many years at Leeds and Everton , he had recently become the manager of the Welsh national team a job we all thought he could do a good job in with exciting talent like Gareth Bale and Aaron Ramsey doing the business for the welsh on the pitch the future looked bright .

When i woke up on Sunday afternoon to a text message from my wife about his passing I suppose I went in to a state of shock I didn't want to believe it i was devastated and I'm not ashamed to say i shed a tear at the news Speedy has been a part of all our lives for a long time as Leeds fan I like to think we were extra proud of his success as he was one of us , What ever it was that led him to take his own life cant have been bad enough to lead to that end but he must of felt that it was the only way out .

My thoughts and go out to his wife and children at this time and where ever you are Speedy I hope your now at peace , you will always be a hero to me .

Monday, August 29, 2011

WWE issues

When CM Punk won the wwe title from
John Cena at the Money in the bank PPV held in his home town of Chicago in July they had on there hands a potential gold mine story line , with punks contract ending on the same night they should of in my opinion kept him off tv for at least 2 months to build the suspense for his return to the ring at either the night of champions ppv or even survivor series in November .

But as is the norm these days in wwe they have to rush everything and punk returned to wwe tv after only 1 week away returning to challenge the newly crowned wwe champion John Cena ( via Rey Mysterio ) to a champion vs champion
Match at summerslam , having beaten Cena in this match it seemed that the wwe had finally made a good decision to not go with old faithful Cena in the role of champion seemingly looking to push Punk all the way up there with the likes of Austin , the Rock & yes even Cena , but wait after the match out of nowhere Kevin Nash appears in the ring and jacknife powerbombed punk for Alberto Del Rio to come out and cash in his money in the bank briefcase he won the previous month he promptly beat Punk and became the new champion , ADR as champion I have no problem with he is a upcoming talent just lacking in one or two areas but it's still early days for him.

My main problem and the whole point of this blog entry is my bemusement with the whole involvement of Kevin Nash with wrestling in general in 2011 , this guy has been over the hill for about 6 years now his awful TNA run which highlighted how badly his knees have gone should of been enough of a warning to anyone in the higher echelons of wwe that Nash's time in the spotlight had gone , it should now be the time of young and upcoming stars such as Punk , ADR , The Miz , Bryan Danielson ( Daniel Bryan ) & Wade Barrett but the longer they keep going back to these old guys the more the future stars will regress and miss opportunities to make the top spot there own .

Now is the time to invest in the future stars of tomorrow for the financial health of the next 20 years do it now Vince

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

lets not be to down hearted

Simon Grayson contemplates the start to the season 

lets not be to down hearted about how the season has gone so far yes we have now lost 3 of out first 5 games and apart from the appalling display at St Mary's on the first day of the season we have gone down to teams after we have had men sent off  , 2 men off at elland road a few weeks back against Middlesbrough and again today Aidy White sent off away at Ipswich without these men being sent off I firmly believe we would have won both of those games . The first half of today's game we totally dominated Ipswich but as so often happens we fail to add more than 1 goal when we have these spells of dominance and in the end went down to a long range strike and a deflected loop of Lonergan.

We have a two week break now before our next league game against Crystal Palace we should use this time to work on squad discipline and try to cut out these needless red cards and lets finish games off while we are in control of them .

41 league games to go and a small matter of Scum rocking up at Elland Road before the end of Sept .


Friday, August 26, 2011

New Team Member

We have a new team member here at Johnny kashmirs random blog and he goes by the name of David Green he will be the new movie reviewer with also occasional reviews of video games some of you may have read his previous work on the site before.

I look forward to reading is work on a regular basis

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Season so far

Great Support 

We are now almost one week into the season and what a week it has been , I was one of the very unfortunate Leeds fans in attendance at St Mary's last Saturday evening to witness a appalling display of overall football from every one in a Leeds United shirt apart from Adam Clayton , Clayton himself wasn't outstanding but he appered to be the only player in blue trying to get anything going for the away team along side him in central midfield were Captain Jonny Howson and new signing Michael Brown , I'll get to Howson in a moment but lets look at Brown for a second he was bought into the team to be the enforcer of our otherwise lightweight midfield he promptly was book after little more than 10 mins after a few nasty late tackles and at one point even trying to take out the ref with a tackle from behind , for his own sake he was sacrificed not long into the second half otherwise he would already be looking at a suspension . As for Howson he was hardly invovled in the game which seemed to mostly pass him by one problem we have seen a few times from Howson over the last few years is his lack of ability to stamp any authority on the game.
On the wings we had Max Gradel and Robert Snodgrass, who both have been transfer targets from other clubs this past off season both looked well off the pace from the start with Snodgrass almost seeming not to care some even saying his head may have been turned by the interest from his Premier League suitors , Gradel was later to score from the penalty spot for a very undeserved consolation goal for United.
Now on to the back 4 who between them looked like they had never seen a football before with Andy O'Brien being the main culprit of inept defending  he was repeatedly turned inside and out by the Saints strikers and failing to close down the ball for Saints 1st goal ever since we signed him on a long term contract he has looked like bambi on ice when forwards run at him. Patrick Kisnorbo we can give a little slack to he has been out with a very serious injury for the past 18 months so he is still getting back up to hopefully the level he was at before that night against Millwall where he suffered the horrendous injury in the first place but after Saturdays match it seems he's still along way from his previous level. Darren O'Dea only joined Leeds on a season long loan from Celtic the day before the game so we can let him off for now as he is still learning to play along side his new team mates .

In goal we have new recruit from Preston Andy Lonergan who signed after a protracted contract negotiation and so far he must be wondering why he left Preston having to play behind that back 4 , as someone mentioned on Twitter after the game on Saturday its no wonder we signed two GK's who can both be number 1 the mental damage of playing in goal for Leeds is more than one man can take for a whole season , Lonergan for me though has so far been fairly impressive he had no chance with any of the goals against Saints after being wildly exposed by the defence , he did pull off one great save towards the end of the game pushing a ferocious shot on to the post  to keep the score from getting even more embarrassing .

*** EDIT*** 

This piece was written just before the Middlesbrough game , when the team performed very admirably in the face of a awful ref who does seem to have a vendetta against us , we did very well to only lose 0-1 after losing Gradel and Howson to terrible decisions but they served there suspensions during our mid week game vs Hull in which we got our first 3 points of the season thanks to a fantastic 4-1 win thanks to goals from McCormack , Lees , Snoddy and Nunez only a own goal from Lees somewhat spoiled the game but he more than made up for it with a grat strike at the other end , Lees now has the same amount of goals for us as our FORWARD Billy Paynter , he looks a great prospect at the back and seems to have been a constant threat from corners and free kicks already . 

We head to West Ham this Sunday lunch time with both teams coming of the back of big wins in midweek  , this    is going to be our biggest test of the season so far with WHU being many peoples pick for the title this year , knowing Leeds this is the kind of game we will get a result from we normally play very well against the bigger teams in the division take the QPR results last year for the proof of that so here's hoping we can get some sort of positive result 


I'm @RossBell1984 on twitter follow me there 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Disappointment (a year in games by Dave Green)


For me this year games have been really disappointing with no real motivation to play the xbox at all. LA Noire had no really chemistry for me to be inspired to play.
Where as everyone is fighting for Xmas no.1
Here is the list of games to which I am looking forward to:

Gears of War 3 (20 sept)
Skyrim (11 nov)
Batman Arkham City ( 20 oct)
Bioshock : infinite (31 dec)
Assassin Creed (31 dec)
Modern Warfare 3 (8 nov) 

To me modern warfare will be last as I have no investment in that franchise , but the other games are 6 – 60 hours worth of play so why has no one released there game and tried to get one of these out in summer and have a great hit instead of competing for the same audience.

I am truly glad that Mass Effect 3 was pushed back to march for that exact reason. Bioware look after there customers I do believe. And if the previous Mass Effect games are anything to go by its going to be a huge game.

What games are you looking forward to this coming holiday period , leave a comment and let us know

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mass Effect The Movie

So it was a fairly well known secret that a mass effect movie would be being made and it seems that  Legendary Pictures  has picked up the rights to make a movie on the Mass Effect franchise, with BioWare co-founders Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka serving as executive producers along with the game franchise's executive producer Casey Hudson. The film is still in the very early stages, and Mark Protosevich (Thor, I Am Legend) has been approached to write the movie.

With its myriad worlds and alien races, Mass Effect would be a challenge to bring to the silver screen, but the strong Commander Shepard would also be an easy character to center on , for me though here lies the problem , with Commander Shepard being fully customisable everyone who played the games would probably have had a different looking main character i went for the pretty basic bald space marine look that is fairly standard to the game but i messed around with face shape and beard types etc while my friend Dave went for a Wesley Snipes (simon from demolition man) look a like  as seen in the pic below.

Personally i think you couldnt go far wrong with Sam Worthington he of Avatar , Terminator salvation fame for the standard Sheppard look .

Let me know your thoughts in the poll on the side bar of the homepage

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bloody customers (RANT)

With morrisons now being open every day until 9pm we nightshifters now have the added pleasure of dealing with customers for a hour, this on it's own I have no problem with it slows us down a little but ultimately it probably a good thing . The thing that does piss me off however is when I am working down a aisle typically household or pet food I will have a cart full of stock to put out which when my aisle isn't busy will normally be in the middle of the aisle , now if you as a customer cane down the aisle I would of course move it out of the way and apologise for the inconvenience , at this point a regular human being would say "that's ok" or "thank you" infact most beings would say something but apparently if you are one of those people who choose to do your shipping at this time of night you were clearly dragged up and not taught any manners at all .

In the end though there's really nothing I can do about it so I suppose it's just gonna have to stay this way ! God some people . RANT OVER now back to work as my tea break is over

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Preparation almost done

This Wednesday is my wife's 24th birthday,  we are having a big garden party hence all the work that I have been putting in to getting it all sorted .  This past week me and my chum Dave made all the tip runs we had to do to get rid of about 2 tons worth of rubbish and also stopped of at Asda and picked up a nice garden furniture set  this one infact

Eclipse Hi Back Recliner Patio Set 6 Piece

we also only have one bit left to do and that is make another flower bed opposite the one we already have and that will be that.

In other news yesterday was also my dads birthday along with my niece Megan so happy birthday to both of you , hope you both had a good day .

I'd to recommend that you all watch the TV series Lead Balloon staring Jack Dee as failing comedian Rick Spleen its a very well done show and you have to feel for him as everything he tries falls apart week after week , make sure you catch the last of the current series this Tuesday 10 pm BBC 2

Saturday, June 18, 2011

What a Week

Well what a week I've had this week , I normally work set shifts that are Tues,Wed,Fri and Sat but this week we've had holidays , Sickness and people on courses so I've been all over the place I ended up working Tue,Wed,Thur and tonight (Sat) it feels very weird to be awake during a Saturday daytime without any football to look forward to at 3pm .

But the good news is the fixtures have been released for this coming season and even better news is that Leeds kick off away at Southampton which is great news as there is a good chance I can actually get to that game , we have a tricky first month with games vs Middlesbrough , Hull , West Ham and Ipswich if we can get 9 points from those 5 games ill be very happy with that return

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Garden ! I Hate You

When we moved into our council flat the garden was in a absolute state , 4/5ft grass , weeds , a bramble bush that took over about half the actual garden space , in short it was a bloody nightmare to even contemplate getting out there .

After a few months I made the executive decision to give it ago with a lot of help from my mate Dave we started to make some in road in to it 

after the first day of clearing 
it kind of stayed in that state for about a year before i go round to clearing away the bramble bush , that was a whole day in it self .

Next we decided to tidy up the path to get to the actual garden , we turned over all the soil , laid weed control fabric and then put down a load of pea shingle.

the shingled pathway 

we then moved on to turning over all the soil in the actual garden , so with two weeks booked of work i set about it , with help from my wife , brother in law and again Dave we got it all turned and laid more weed control and tarpaulins to try and combat the weeds and grass returning .

Half way there 
almost all turned and covered now 

The next step was to get stones to cover it , we thought 2 Tons would be enough to do it all 
2 Tons down 
How wrong we were 2 tons only covered little over half of it so 2 more tons were ordered along with 20 paving slabs to make a patio area 

4 tons down 
the view from the kitchen window 

so now the main part of it is done and down I'm very pleased with my self for the what has been achieved , all that is left to do now is create another flower bed like the one at the bottom of the garden and finish off the patio .

once its all done i will of course update you all on how it looks

Friday, May 27, 2011

Back in the "swing" of things

So now the weather is supposedly better i thought it would be about time to get back to playing a bit of Golf , yesterday me and my good friend Sean went to Wickham park golf course which is about 20 mins from my home its not a very difficult course no real challenges in the way of water of bunkers its just long and flat , the weather wasn't amazing as this picture shows

the game cover for Tiger woods 2012

we managed to get the round done without really getting wet the rain stayed away for almost the entire time so it was overall a success , it feels good to just get back out on the course and do some sort of exercise.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


As you may have gathered from the title of this post I'm currently on my lunch break(!) and it is 2:36 am yes AM ! can it really be called a lunch break at this time of the morning , when I get home from work I normally have something to eat and a cup of tea but is that breakfast when your life works in reverse to most people , but not in the cool Benjamin Button kinda way.

If your interested which let's face it your not , I had two BLT sandwiches a muller fruit corner yogurt and a packet of mini chedders washed down with a coffee and a Dr Pepper.

See there's the proof !

Anyway I've only got 19 mins of lunch(!) break left so back to my book

Sleep well everyone I know I will tomorrow day time

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Keridels Techno Blog

My Friend Keridel has just set up his own blog he will be looking at and dealing with techno issues , So if your a massive geek get on over and have a look , I certainly will be Keridels Techno Blog

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Leeds United - a look back and a glance forward

Last season was a success , no matter what all the moaning Leeds fans think we very comfortably stayed in the Championship which correct me if I am wrong was the aim at the start of last season .
Yes we flirted with the Play-offs for the majority of the season and it is a little disappointing to have finished 7th at the end of it all but realistically each and everyone of us knows that if we had by some miracle won the Play-offs and gone up to the supposed "Promised Land" our transfer strategy for the summer would in my opinion not been very different from what it is currently , that being mainly free transfers from clubs in the same division as us.

And there in lies the problem it would appear that Mr Chairman doesn't back Simon Grayson in the transfer market and to some degree i have to actually agree with Mr Chairman on this lets look at some of the players over the last few season we have signed for cash or given high wages to as free transfers

Leigh Bromby - 250k ; some including me would say this transfer was a successful one , but he has hardly been a  first team regular these past two seasons

Max Gradel - 250k ; A undeniable success story at Leeds who this season has become one of our most important players 

Gary McSheffrey - Loan ; although this was a loan deal we still somehow managed to end up paying him something along the lines of 10k a week to basically piss about on the left wing and try his hardest to not get involved

Neill Collins - Loan followed by a 500k Deal ; a unmitigated disaster , anyone who remembers the Gillingham game from the tail end of the 2009 - 2010 season will agree that Neil wasn't of the required quality to be a League One centre back , yet for some unknown reason Grayson decided to part with 500k of his transfer budget to bring in Neill !

Alex Bruce - 300k ; A solid if unspectacular centre back who played his best game in a Leeds shirt for me on his debut away at Doncaster Rovers then became a regular in the back four until a unfortunate mix up with a certain Neill Collins resulted in Cardiff taking advantage to score in a 4-0 thrashing at Elland Road , hardly used after that and likely to be shipped out this summer if internet rumours are anything to go by.

Ross McCormack - 300k to 1 million depending on reports ; Ross came in with very high expectaions on his shoulders as a season before he had netted a very respectable 23 goals in all comps for Cardiff , Yet in his fleeting appearances for us at the start of the season it appeared Grayson couldn't figure out what his best position was with Ross making appearances at Left wing , Right wing , In the hole and as a lone striker , he seems to finally found a way to play with McCormack in the team that gets the best out of him with 2 goals in his final 2 games of the season , all be it one down to a massive deflection against QPR.

Adam Clayton - Undisclosed ; we are yet to see Adam play more than 5 mins of a game for leeds to my knowledge so this one is still a wait and see i guess

George McCartney - Loan ; we have had trouble at left back since the days of Ian Harte and George came to us with a decent premiership record behind him and a 7 million pound transfer fee a few years back obviously had people at Sunderland thinking he was a quality left back , but for us he has consistently been the weak link in a very weak defence and we were paying a good portion of his reported 40k p/w wages .

Now don't get me wrong I fully back Simon Grayson as the manager of Leeds United , I just think he may need a little help in spotting potential transfer targets maybe from a director of football or a stronger scouting team, it is clear to us all that we need a hard bastard in the centre of our midfield and although he has tried to bring one in look at Amdy Faye / Michael Doyle for proof of that , for whatever reason they haven't worked out but its something that is our major issue this pre-season , along with a few more creative midfielders seeing as it now looks as though both Kilkenny and Johnson will be on there way out of the club we look very short on players for the middle of the park .

The players are out there Simon lets hope you can find them in time

Monday, May 16, 2011

Californication season 4

I don't know if you guys have ever watched a tv show called californication but it has just finished it's 4th season and it was a excellent season . David Duchovny stars as troubled writer Hank Moody and it follows he story of his life which while it has it's high points tends to be falling apart all around him.

The show also stars Natascha McElhone as Hanks on off love interest
Karen and Madeleine Martin as Hank & Karens daughter Becca.

I won't hit you with any spoilers but all I can say is watch this show , especially if you like T n A there's a hell of a lot of it !

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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Back to work !

So I've been back at work 2 nights and already my 2 week holiday seems a very distant memory , it took Precisely 30 mins into my first shift back for my feet to start hurting again (Stupid work shoes) , but nothing has changed apart from us now being open until 9pm every night which means interaction with customers ; never a good thing.

Rufus seems to enjoy being back on a regular walk and sleep schedule though

On another note we are going to see wwe again this time in november at the O2 arena in that there London for my mate David birthday which should be a lot of fun if last time was anything to go by.

Anyway that's enough about me I'm off to play some Xbox

Peace out

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Friday, May 6, 2011

Twitter's #FF

For those of you not on twitter every Friday there is a hashtag event called Follow Friday or #FF for short the idea of this is for you to use the #ff to tell your followers of people they should follow .

I'm not entirely sure of it's effectiveness as it never seems to get me any new followers i tend to pick them up randomly during the week but it may work for others , anyway if you are on Twitter follow me @RossBell1984 and check out my Follow Fridays every week for this week they are:

convictdave , keridel , wetalkgames ,iLewis87 , m16robinson ,dasharpshooters , Thomkirwin , nodqdotcom , TheSquareBall & Kitcho14

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Alton Towers

So we've been here for 4 hours now an we've manage to get a lot of the rides in already , for me the best one has been the rapids but then that's because I'm afraid of rollercoasters , I have been on a few mind namely , the runaway minecart one and the haunted house one called duel and the blade ! (which is basically a pirate ship) but so far it's been good fun

Here is a picture of my wife Nicky on Ripsaw , you wouldn't get me anywhere near that one I'm afraid !

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On the road !

So we are currently on the way to Alton towers we've been on the road since 7:30 am this morning , but the road is pretty clear at the minute so we are making good time

Here's our current view

As you can see it's a nice day.

More updates later , enjoy your day

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Saturday, April 30, 2011

No update yesterday

I do apologise if you are reading my daily blog but yesterday was so dull and boring that I thought it wouldnt of been of any interest to anyone .

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Daily blog : holiday day 7

Day 7 DONE !

So today has been a very very busy one starting at 8:41 I was out in the garden promptly this morning to crack on with turning the soil , after quick trip to wickes to pick up some supplies I was back out there getting nowhere very fast until my brother in law Rob came over and we then managed to get a hell of a lot more done

After finally having enough of gardening we came in and got on with the serious business of playing Mortal Kombat and then had dinner once Rob's wife Jenny finished work , I cooked up a lovely toad in the hole with veg and gravy.

That'll do for today apart from saying a big thanks to Dave for dropping of a rotavator for me to finish the garden off with tomorrow

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Holiday blog : day 6

Another day closer to work , but today has been a good one.

I was up at 7am to let the dog out , I couldn't get back to sleep so just got up and played some skate 3 on the xbox untill my wife got up , once she got up I was sent to the shop to get a few bits for breakfast and also for her to do some cooking.

After getting back from the shops nicky cracked on with making her lovely pastry for the sausage rolls and pasty's she was going to make.

After a trip down to blockbuster to trade in some games I picked up the new mortal Kombat on 360 and in a very very short review it's bloody brilliant I highly recommend it but be warned it is very brutal and very gory !

And basically that's all I've done today , I've had a 360 day and it's been great I did have 13 fights on MK with my mate Jamie with him winning 7 to my 6 pretty even though and great fun.

If you want to play online with me send me a friend request at Johnny Kashmir

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Daily blog : holiday day 5 (a little late)

So day five came and went and once again it was a busy one , it started at 9 am today getting up the same time as Nicky she made me two bacon rolls , I should also say she's made me breakfast everyday this week one of the perks of her being off aswell .

After breakfast we took the dog for a walk over the local field and then on to see Rob so he could take his dog , a Jack Russell called Fudge out for a walk aswell .

After the walks I went back to Rob's and we played a few games of fifa11 on xbox while Nicky came home to make a quiche.

Around 4pm I went to play Golf with Sean and Mark (although mark didn't play he just came along for the hell of it) when we eventually found the course , (Sean took a wrong turn on the way there) it was good fun the first time I'd been on a golf course in over a year it felt good to get back out there.

Me and Nicky had Kebabs for dinner no one finished all of it and then we got on with watching some tv as I normally work Tuesday's I realised I don't miss anything on telly on a tues night

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Daily blog : holiday day 4

So then day 4 , good lord it's been a long day ! I was up and out at 7 am walking the dog after giving him his flea protection liquid which you apply directly to his neck , he then proceeded to rub his self all over the carpet trying to get it off , cheers dog.

Anyway after a walk and letting my wife have a lie in we then went to the range with my sister in law and her husband and got the garden supplies mentioned yesterday.

After a few hours of FIFA 11 over xbox live with my brother in law Rob I cracked on with the aforementioned gardening I was out there for a good few hours and managed to get the worst part of it out of the way .

After coming inside to keep a eye on the football scores which as it turns out was a complete waste of time as Leeds suffered yet another defeat this time at the hands of championship strugglers crystal palace final score Palace 1 Leeds 0

That's enough about today I'm to tired to write anymore plus I'm trying to watch a Derren Brown Programe right now if you don't mind

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Daily blog : holiday day 3

3 days down 14 to go . Today has been a very busy day in terms of walking , but it's also been very enjoyable.

The day started at 10 am for us today after having showers we decided to head down to the range to get some garden supplies , tools , waste bags etc the only problem with that plan of course is that today is Easter Sunday which didn't really Dawn on us untill we were half way there ! So that turned into a 2 hour dog walk with us going all over from monks walk all the way to the hard , we stopped off at the Jolly Roger pub for a little afternoon drink and to give the dog a rest in the shade.

When we got home my wife did a bit of sunbathing whilst I watched the old firm clash on telly while playing of course football manager .

Our evening was spent dining alfresco with Jenny and Rob at there house we had some lovely BBQ'd lamb chops with veg , it's was beautiful.

Now to watch some more modern family with my lovely wife before heading to bed , hope you've all had a nice Easter.

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Daily blog : holiday day 2

My day started at 7:40 this morning when a combination of my wife and my dog woke me up

After my wife left for woke I decided stain in bed would be a waste of time so up I got had a quick shower whilst the dog played in the garden , then on went some washing (1st load of the day) , I watched a episode of modern family and then decided to head to town to waste some of my wages on clothes I really didn't need !

I returned 2 hours and £100 later hung out the washing and then took the dog for a walk by this time it was absolutely roasting hot so when we got back the dog chilled in the shade while cracked on with a important session of football manager 2011 4 hours later I fed the dog then went to see my mate dave

After another quick trip to town I settled in to watch Chelsea beat west ham in what will go down in history as the momentous occasion of 50 million pound striker Fernando Torres' first goal for Chelsea.

Then had some dinner , laughed at the idiots of britans got talent and took the dog for another walk !

So that was day two pretty busy but still good
Happy Easter everyone

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