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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Holiday blog : day 6

Another day closer to work , but today has been a good one.

I was up at 7am to let the dog out , I couldn't get back to sleep so just got up and played some skate 3 on the xbox untill my wife got up , once she got up I was sent to the shop to get a few bits for breakfast and also for her to do some cooking.

After getting back from the shops nicky cracked on with making her lovely pastry for the sausage rolls and pasty's she was going to make.

After a trip down to blockbuster to trade in some games I picked up the new mortal Kombat on 360 and in a very very short review it's bloody brilliant I highly recommend it but be warned it is very brutal and very gory !

And basically that's all I've done today , I've had a 360 day and it's been great I did have 13 fights on MK with my mate Jamie with him winning 7 to my 6 pretty even though and great fun.

If you want to play online with me send me a friend request at Johnny Kashmir

Location:Park Close,Gosport,United Kingdom

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