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Friday, May 27, 2011

Back in the "swing" of things

So now the weather is supposedly better i thought it would be about time to get back to playing a bit of Golf , yesterday me and my good friend Sean went to Wickham park golf course which is about 20 mins from my home its not a very difficult course no real challenges in the way of water of bunkers its just long and flat , the weather wasn't amazing as this picture shows

the game cover for Tiger woods 2012

we managed to get the round done without really getting wet the rain stayed away for almost the entire time so it was overall a success , it feels good to just get back out on the course and do some sort of exercise.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


As you may have gathered from the title of this post I'm currently on my lunch break(!) and it is 2:36 am yes AM ! can it really be called a lunch break at this time of the morning , when I get home from work I normally have something to eat and a cup of tea but is that breakfast when your life works in reverse to most people , but not in the cool Benjamin Button kinda way.

If your interested which let's face it your not , I had two BLT sandwiches a muller fruit corner yogurt and a packet of mini chedders washed down with a coffee and a Dr Pepper.

See there's the proof !

Anyway I've only got 19 mins of lunch(!) break left so back to my book

Sleep well everyone I know I will tomorrow day time

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Keridels Techno Blog

My Friend Keridel has just set up his own blog he will be looking at and dealing with techno issues , So if your a massive geek get on over and have a look , I certainly will be Keridels Techno Blog

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Leeds United - a look back and a glance forward

Last season was a success , no matter what all the moaning Leeds fans think we very comfortably stayed in the Championship which correct me if I am wrong was the aim at the start of last season .
Yes we flirted with the Play-offs for the majority of the season and it is a little disappointing to have finished 7th at the end of it all but realistically each and everyone of us knows that if we had by some miracle won the Play-offs and gone up to the supposed "Promised Land" our transfer strategy for the summer would in my opinion not been very different from what it is currently , that being mainly free transfers from clubs in the same division as us.

And there in lies the problem it would appear that Mr Chairman doesn't back Simon Grayson in the transfer market and to some degree i have to actually agree with Mr Chairman on this lets look at some of the players over the last few season we have signed for cash or given high wages to as free transfers

Leigh Bromby - 250k ; some including me would say this transfer was a successful one , but he has hardly been a  first team regular these past two seasons

Max Gradel - 250k ; A undeniable success story at Leeds who this season has become one of our most important players 

Gary McSheffrey - Loan ; although this was a loan deal we still somehow managed to end up paying him something along the lines of 10k a week to basically piss about on the left wing and try his hardest to not get involved

Neill Collins - Loan followed by a 500k Deal ; a unmitigated disaster , anyone who remembers the Gillingham game from the tail end of the 2009 - 2010 season will agree that Neil wasn't of the required quality to be a League One centre back , yet for some unknown reason Grayson decided to part with 500k of his transfer budget to bring in Neill !

Alex Bruce - 300k ; A solid if unspectacular centre back who played his best game in a Leeds shirt for me on his debut away at Doncaster Rovers then became a regular in the back four until a unfortunate mix up with a certain Neill Collins resulted in Cardiff taking advantage to score in a 4-0 thrashing at Elland Road , hardly used after that and likely to be shipped out this summer if internet rumours are anything to go by.

Ross McCormack - 300k to 1 million depending on reports ; Ross came in with very high expectaions on his shoulders as a season before he had netted a very respectable 23 goals in all comps for Cardiff , Yet in his fleeting appearances for us at the start of the season it appeared Grayson couldn't figure out what his best position was with Ross making appearances at Left wing , Right wing , In the hole and as a lone striker , he seems to finally found a way to play with McCormack in the team that gets the best out of him with 2 goals in his final 2 games of the season , all be it one down to a massive deflection against QPR.

Adam Clayton - Undisclosed ; we are yet to see Adam play more than 5 mins of a game for leeds to my knowledge so this one is still a wait and see i guess

George McCartney - Loan ; we have had trouble at left back since the days of Ian Harte and George came to us with a decent premiership record behind him and a 7 million pound transfer fee a few years back obviously had people at Sunderland thinking he was a quality left back , but for us he has consistently been the weak link in a very weak defence and we were paying a good portion of his reported 40k p/w wages .

Now don't get me wrong I fully back Simon Grayson as the manager of Leeds United , I just think he may need a little help in spotting potential transfer targets maybe from a director of football or a stronger scouting team, it is clear to us all that we need a hard bastard in the centre of our midfield and although he has tried to bring one in look at Amdy Faye / Michael Doyle for proof of that , for whatever reason they haven't worked out but its something that is our major issue this pre-season , along with a few more creative midfielders seeing as it now looks as though both Kilkenny and Johnson will be on there way out of the club we look very short on players for the middle of the park .

The players are out there Simon lets hope you can find them in time

Monday, May 16, 2011

Californication season 4

I don't know if you guys have ever watched a tv show called californication but it has just finished it's 4th season and it was a excellent season . David Duchovny stars as troubled writer Hank Moody and it follows he story of his life which while it has it's high points tends to be falling apart all around him.

The show also stars Natascha McElhone as Hanks on off love interest
Karen and Madeleine Martin as Hank & Karens daughter Becca.

I won't hit you with any spoilers but all I can say is watch this show , especially if you like T n A there's a hell of a lot of it !

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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Back to work !

So I've been back at work 2 nights and already my 2 week holiday seems a very distant memory , it took Precisely 30 mins into my first shift back for my feet to start hurting again (Stupid work shoes) , but nothing has changed apart from us now being open until 9pm every night which means interaction with customers ; never a good thing.

Rufus seems to enjoy being back on a regular walk and sleep schedule though

On another note we are going to see wwe again this time in november at the O2 arena in that there London for my mate David birthday which should be a lot of fun if last time was anything to go by.

Anyway that's enough about me I'm off to play some Xbox

Peace out

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Friday, May 6, 2011

Twitter's #FF

For those of you not on twitter every Friday there is a hashtag event called Follow Friday or #FF for short the idea of this is for you to use the #ff to tell your followers of people they should follow .

I'm not entirely sure of it's effectiveness as it never seems to get me any new followers i tend to pick them up randomly during the week but it may work for others , anyway if you are on Twitter follow me @RossBell1984 and check out my Follow Fridays every week for this week they are:

convictdave , keridel , wetalkgames ,iLewis87 , m16robinson ,dasharpshooters , Thomkirwin , nodqdotcom , TheSquareBall & Kitcho14

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Alton Towers

So we've been here for 4 hours now an we've manage to get a lot of the rides in already , for me the best one has been the rapids but then that's because I'm afraid of rollercoasters , I have been on a few mind namely , the runaway minecart one and the haunted house one called duel and the blade ! (which is basically a pirate ship) but so far it's been good fun

Here is a picture of my wife Nicky on Ripsaw , you wouldn't get me anywhere near that one I'm afraid !

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On the road !

So we are currently on the way to Alton towers we've been on the road since 7:30 am this morning , but the road is pretty clear at the minute so we are making good time

Here's our current view

As you can see it's a nice day.

More updates later , enjoy your day

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