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Saturday, April 30, 2011

No update yesterday

I do apologise if you are reading my daily blog but yesterday was so dull and boring that I thought it wouldnt of been of any interest to anyone .

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Daily blog : holiday day 7

Day 7 DONE !

So today has been a very very busy one starting at 8:41 I was out in the garden promptly this morning to crack on with turning the soil , after quick trip to wickes to pick up some supplies I was back out there getting nowhere very fast until my brother in law Rob came over and we then managed to get a hell of a lot more done

After finally having enough of gardening we came in and got on with the serious business of playing Mortal Kombat and then had dinner once Rob's wife Jenny finished work , I cooked up a lovely toad in the hole with veg and gravy.

That'll do for today apart from saying a big thanks to Dave for dropping of a rotavator for me to finish the garden off with tomorrow

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Holiday blog : day 6

Another day closer to work , but today has been a good one.

I was up at 7am to let the dog out , I couldn't get back to sleep so just got up and played some skate 3 on the xbox untill my wife got up , once she got up I was sent to the shop to get a few bits for breakfast and also for her to do some cooking.

After getting back from the shops nicky cracked on with making her lovely pastry for the sausage rolls and pasty's she was going to make.

After a trip down to blockbuster to trade in some games I picked up the new mortal Kombat on 360 and in a very very short review it's bloody brilliant I highly recommend it but be warned it is very brutal and very gory !

And basically that's all I've done today , I've had a 360 day and it's been great I did have 13 fights on MK with my mate Jamie with him winning 7 to my 6 pretty even though and great fun.

If you want to play online with me send me a friend request at Johnny Kashmir

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Daily blog : holiday day 5 (a little late)

So day five came and went and once again it was a busy one , it started at 9 am today getting up the same time as Nicky she made me two bacon rolls , I should also say she's made me breakfast everyday this week one of the perks of her being off aswell .

After breakfast we took the dog for a walk over the local field and then on to see Rob so he could take his dog , a Jack Russell called Fudge out for a walk aswell .

After the walks I went back to Rob's and we played a few games of fifa11 on xbox while Nicky came home to make a quiche.

Around 4pm I went to play Golf with Sean and Mark (although mark didn't play he just came along for the hell of it) when we eventually found the course , (Sean took a wrong turn on the way there) it was good fun the first time I'd been on a golf course in over a year it felt good to get back out there.

Me and Nicky had Kebabs for dinner no one finished all of it and then we got on with watching some tv as I normally work Tuesday's I realised I don't miss anything on telly on a tues night

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Daily blog : holiday day 4

So then day 4 , good lord it's been a long day ! I was up and out at 7 am walking the dog after giving him his flea protection liquid which you apply directly to his neck , he then proceeded to rub his self all over the carpet trying to get it off , cheers dog.

Anyway after a walk and letting my wife have a lie in we then went to the range with my sister in law and her husband and got the garden supplies mentioned yesterday.

After a few hours of FIFA 11 over xbox live with my brother in law Rob I cracked on with the aforementioned gardening I was out there for a good few hours and managed to get the worst part of it out of the way .

After coming inside to keep a eye on the football scores which as it turns out was a complete waste of time as Leeds suffered yet another defeat this time at the hands of championship strugglers crystal palace final score Palace 1 Leeds 0

That's enough about today I'm to tired to write anymore plus I'm trying to watch a Derren Brown Programe right now if you don't mind

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Daily blog : holiday day 3

3 days down 14 to go . Today has been a very busy day in terms of walking , but it's also been very enjoyable.

The day started at 10 am for us today after having showers we decided to head down to the range to get some garden supplies , tools , waste bags etc the only problem with that plan of course is that today is Easter Sunday which didn't really Dawn on us untill we were half way there ! So that turned into a 2 hour dog walk with us going all over from monks walk all the way to the hard , we stopped off at the Jolly Roger pub for a little afternoon drink and to give the dog a rest in the shade.

When we got home my wife did a bit of sunbathing whilst I watched the old firm clash on telly while playing of course football manager .

Our evening was spent dining alfresco with Jenny and Rob at there house we had some lovely BBQ'd lamb chops with veg , it's was beautiful.

Now to watch some more modern family with my lovely wife before heading to bed , hope you've all had a nice Easter.

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Daily blog : holiday day 2

My day started at 7:40 this morning when a combination of my wife and my dog woke me up

After my wife left for woke I decided stain in bed would be a waste of time so up I got had a quick shower whilst the dog played in the garden , then on went some washing (1st load of the day) , I watched a episode of modern family and then decided to head to town to waste some of my wages on clothes I really didn't need !

I returned 2 hours and £100 later hung out the washing and then took the dog for a walk by this time it was absolutely roasting hot so when we got back the dog chilled in the shade while cracked on with a important session of football manager 2011 4 hours later I fed the dog then went to see my mate dave

After another quick trip to town I settled in to watch Chelsea beat west ham in what will go down in history as the momentous occasion of 50 million pound striker Fernando Torres' first goal for Chelsea.

Then had some dinner , laughed at the idiots of britans got talent and took the dog for another walk !

So that was day two pretty busy but still good
Happy Easter everyone

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Daily blog : holiday day 1

Well that's day one of my holiday gone only 16 days left now , to be honest my day didn't start untill 2 pm once I woken up , working 4 nights in a row really took it out of me this week but strangely I didn't feel tired at all throughout my last shift that must have been the thought of holidays driving me on .

So anyway today hasn't been to eventful my lovely wife bought home some McDonalds home with her so that was dinner , a quarter pounder deluxe meal with still fanta if you must know.

I have just finished watching the Leeds vs Reading game that was live on sky sports , Before the game I would have taken a point off a very in form Reading team but after a very good defensive performance I think we deserved to win the game.

That's enough for today

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

2 Down 2 To Go

So come Friday morning 7am I will be on holiday for the next 17 days and I really cant bloody wait . For those of you that work nights you will be able to sympathize with me the hell it is trying to sleep when the weather has turned to what it is currently that being BLOODY HOT !

In the winter months I can quite easily get 7/8 hours sleep everyday after a night shift with it being cold and dark that is very easy to do , but god damn during the summer months it is so hard to get more than 5 hours it is just to uncomfortable to sleep.

The problem is the next night at work I struggle to stay awake big time especially when it gets to about 2 am and it comes time to write the orders for the following night  , having to look through 3 order books of tiny tiny tiny writing is very hard !

but hey enough of my moaning work ain't that bad really it pays the bills and gives me money to enjoy myself , Like going to Alton Towers and to Twickenham for the Army v Navy rugby game both of which I am doing in the next two weeks GOOD TIMES

Army V Navy

oh yeah there's some sort of big wedding happening aswell think ill give that a miss

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Looking for a place to live !

United Lettings

Then look no further if your in the Portsmouth area then head on over to united lettings and property management and get in contact with my friends Sharon and Stu .

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Royal Navy enthusiasts listen up

Daves Navy Logo

Royal Navy enthusiasts listen up I'd like to divert your attention over to a rather brilliant website documenting a man's career in the navy spanning 25 years !

Yes its my dads website but shut up its a good one check it out here Dave's Navy he's taken great care and attention to design the website from scratch not just set up a google blog like some people !

Monday Bloody Monday , with a bit of FM2011

I'm Alan Partridge starring Steve Coogan

'Sunday Bloody Sunday'. What a great song. It really encapsulates the frustration of a Sunday, doesn't it? You wake up in the morning, you've got to read all the Sunday papers, the kids are running round, you've got to mow the lawn, wash the car, and you think "Sunday, bloody Sunday!".

Alan Partridge may have got the meaning of the classic U2 song wrong but in terms of what he means I agree totally , just substitute Sunday for Monday and kids running round for dog running around and washing the car for doing the washing and hoovering .

Every week Monday is my day off and every week I end up doing the same thing sorting out the house , cleaning , washing up , hoovering etc. and then I settle down for a nice session of Football Manager.

For those of you who play FM you will be able to testify for how addictive the damn thing is , in my current game I'm playing as Watford in the year 2014 I've led them to a promotions and also 1 league cup win but now is the time where the game gets really fun . By that I mean when a lot of the real world players retire and you have to find the hidden gems from the Regen players . two of the higher rated players i have found are pictured below 

Sam Adams my young English DM 

Glullano Sannino my young Italian CB touted as the next Fabio Cannavaro

But anyway enough messing around on the computer on with the Hoovering 

Monday, April 4, 2011

Wrestlemania 27 Rview

So Wrestlemania 27 has been and gone the big winner on the night has to be The Rock although his opening monologue went on a bit his other interactions during the show were worth while and if you haven't seen it yet I won't ruin it for you , but overall I was very impressed with the show the following contains spoilers so look away now if you don't want to know the results.

The first match on the card was surprisingly the World heavyweight title match pitting Edge(c) vs Alberto Del Rio , after getting over the fact that a title match opened the show I became very pleased with the efforts of both competitors in a see saw match Edge came out victorious after blasting Del Rio with a Spear.

Cody Rhodes vs Rey Mysterio were next up , before the night I had predicted this match to steal the show but I was left slightly underwhelmed by it but ultimately happy with the outcome of Cody getting a nice win over Rey after hitting him with Rey's own knee brace.

The 8 man tag match was up next with The Core facing off against a team of Big Show , Kane , Santino and Kofi Kingston . Before the start of this match I said to my friend dave that I hoped the Core would be going over In this match and be made to look like a strong powerful unit , 3 mins later I was made to eat my words after a 8 man melee a cobra strike from Santino and a big right hand from Big Show it was all over The Core well and truly buried never to be taken serious again !

A match I had been really looking forward to that didn't disappoint followed with C.M Punk taking on Randy Orton in for me the match of the night Punk dominated from start to finish but as expected Orton came out with with the W after punk tried a springboard from the outside of the ring straight into a RKO.

Following on from seeing the 2011 hall of fame inductees which by the way featured the biggest cheer of the night for HBK the match Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole began with Cole hiding inside his colemine untill Lawler went in there to get him out , the remainder of the match was fairly ugly to watch brining back horrible images of Bret Hart v Vince McMahon from last year , Jerry Lawler got the W after hitting Cole with punch from the second rope and then applying the ankle lock , then stone cold Steve Austin obviously gave everyone in the ring bar Lawler a stone cold stunner including Booker T and also Josh Matthews after Josh had informed Lawler that the match had been awarded to Cole due to Stone colds interference ( I should point out if you didn't know Austin was the special guest ref and Josh Matthews was relaying the decision from the anonymous Raw GM )

On we moved to what most people thought would be a Wrestlemania classic and in some ways it was I'm of course talking about Undertaker Vs HHH , for HHH to top what Hbk and Taker had done the two previous years he was going to have to pull out his best performance since early 2001 when he had a epic feud with Mick Foley . I can confirm Hunter looked back to his best with a stellar performance hitting Taker with not only 3 pedigrees but also a Tombstone but in the end after taker had taken around 10 steel chair shots to the back he locked Hunter in the Hell's Gate submission hold and after about 2 mins of struggling Hunter tapped out. Great match and there's much less shame in tapping out to that than Cena's awful STFU like HHH did a few years ago.

Speaking of Mr Cena his title match with defending champion The Miz was up next in the main event of the evening , after a fairly boring main event in my view it looked like it was all over after a double count out had ended the match , but the host of the evening The Rock was having none of that so came down to the ring and ordered the match to restart immediately , Rock then proceeded to hit Cena with the rock bottom for The Miz to pick up the win and retain his title . The Rock wasn't done there though after the match during The Miz's celebration Rock re-entered the ring to dominate The Miz and end the show celebrating in the Ring

Over all it was a good mania not up there with WM 17 for me but a very solid show , let down by not having a Money in the bank match but with there now being a MITB PPV i suppose that would be overkill.

Friday, April 1, 2011

4 year down , a lifetime to go ( explicitly soppy material )

So yesterday was my 4 year wedding anniversary and as I imagine with most marriages we've had our ups and downs but we both feel that we are stronger than ever now.

Things didn't start easy for us things such as me requiring a hospital visit and us becoming homeless literally months before we were to marry , but as D:ream famously sang things can only get better and from living with family in spare rooms and conservatories we now have our own flat (thank you gosport council) and a dog.

The only thing missing for us now is children and those of you that know us will know why we currently don't but we are doing every thing we can to make that dream come true .

In short I love you my gorgeous wife and here's to many many more years together x

Below is a new pic of our dog Rufus who if you follow my posts can see how big he has got in such a short space of time

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