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Friday, April 1, 2011

4 year down , a lifetime to go ( explicitly soppy material )

So yesterday was my 4 year wedding anniversary and as I imagine with most marriages we've had our ups and downs but we both feel that we are stronger than ever now.

Things didn't start easy for us things such as me requiring a hospital visit and us becoming homeless literally months before we were to marry , but as D:ream famously sang things can only get better and from living with family in spare rooms and conservatories we now have our own flat (thank you gosport council) and a dog.

The only thing missing for us now is children and those of you that know us will know why we currently don't but we are doing every thing we can to make that dream come true .

In short I love you my gorgeous wife and here's to many many more years together x

Below is a new pic of our dog Rufus who if you follow my posts can see how big he has got in such a short space of time

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