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Saturday, June 18, 2011

What a Week

Well what a week I've had this week , I normally work set shifts that are Tues,Wed,Fri and Sat but this week we've had holidays , Sickness and people on courses so I've been all over the place I ended up working Tue,Wed,Thur and tonight (Sat) it feels very weird to be awake during a Saturday daytime without any football to look forward to at 3pm .

But the good news is the fixtures have been released for this coming season and even better news is that Leeds kick off away at Southampton which is great news as there is a good chance I can actually get to that game , we have a tricky first month with games vs Middlesbrough , Hull , West Ham and Ipswich if we can get 9 points from those 5 games ill be very happy with that return

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Garden ! I Hate You

When we moved into our council flat the garden was in a absolute state , 4/5ft grass , weeds , a bramble bush that took over about half the actual garden space , in short it was a bloody nightmare to even contemplate getting out there .

After a few months I made the executive decision to give it ago with a lot of help from my mate Dave we started to make some in road in to it 

after the first day of clearing 
it kind of stayed in that state for about a year before i go round to clearing away the bramble bush , that was a whole day in it self .

Next we decided to tidy up the path to get to the actual garden , we turned over all the soil , laid weed control fabric and then put down a load of pea shingle.

the shingled pathway 

we then moved on to turning over all the soil in the actual garden , so with two weeks booked of work i set about it , with help from my wife , brother in law and again Dave we got it all turned and laid more weed control and tarpaulins to try and combat the weeds and grass returning .

Half way there 
almost all turned and covered now 

The next step was to get stones to cover it , we thought 2 Tons would be enough to do it all 
2 Tons down 
How wrong we were 2 tons only covered little over half of it so 2 more tons were ordered along with 20 paving slabs to make a patio area 

4 tons down 
the view from the kitchen window 

so now the main part of it is done and down I'm very pleased with my self for the what has been achieved , all that is left to do now is create another flower bed like the one at the bottom of the garden and finish off the patio .

once its all done i will of course update you all on how it looks