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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Harry Potter Review : Courtesy of David Green

Harry Potter And The Deadly Hallows: part one

I picked up this title real cheap at Christmas so now having worked 12 days straight I decided to opt for easy cheevo's. After one hours play and sheer boredom I gave up.

Having got 105 points off it in that hour you would figure I would continue but when a game is slow paced and no entertainment value for money and making me fall asleep I was out. 

The box should read put insomniacs to sleep as it that shit/dull, im going to score this 30% basic purely on graphics.

Dead Space 2 Game Review - Courtesy of David Green

I was very excited to final get around to playing this game having played the previous game. So I popped the disk in and the first thing I notice was a recap section where if you didn't play first game or you don't remember you could watch a small video and tell you the story. I personally think this feature should appear in more games.

As I put the hours into the game (think I finished it on 8 ½ hours), I was on the edge of my seat due to a compelling story and also jumping numerous times. It played exactly like I remember it the hub built onto your character and your guns, the running up and down halls and space as you severed off limbs from the necromorphs, completing mini puzzles to access the next area like the old school resident evil games.

The one main problem I had with it which most people on the net did too, was the last two chapters which if you didn't know how to kill the last new necromorph your pretty much dead. Or you could just do what I did and run through the last two chapters ignoring ammo and other stuff behind. To me that was aggravating as I loved exploring each level looking in each room and space.

As for the final boss fight it took me about eight attempts to do as in general you have lack of ammo and life as you just had to run through two levels, and to make matters worst you cant purchase ammo from the store as the last store u encounter was in chapter 13 and you don't even know it the last time for you to stock up.

I still highly recommend you buy this game though, for me the game gets a score of 86%.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

We thought it would never happen !

Preston 1 v 2 Leeds 08/03/2011

I thought it would be a good idea to document this rare occurrence who knows when it will happen again , of course I mean a BILLY PAYNTER GOAL !

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Football & illness go hand in hand

Once again I have flu for the second time this year and its only the start of march , Bad times.

On Saturday Leeds beat local rivals Doncaster 5-2 in our most successful show of attacking football all season with the combination of GBH (Gradel , Becchio & Howson) getting the goals for us , with 35 league games now played we have scored a very surprising 67 goals although we have shipped 57 making our goal difference look a lot worse than it should be .

Celebrations after Gradel's opener
Gradel celebrates scoring

Saturdays game vs Donny highlighted a problem we have had all season long NOT TAKING OUR CHANCES       which considering the amount of goals we have scored is a scary thought , and then ending up conceding a goal or two against the run of play.

Max Gradel opens the scoring
Gradel about to score again 

But with a minimum of 11 games to go we sit relatively comfortable in 6Th place 4 points ahead of Burnley in 7th place  although they do have 2 games in hand on us more exciting is the gap of only 5 points to Swansea in 2nd place and with Preston away tonight (who require a damn good beating after they beat us unbelievably 4-6 earlier this season) comes the chance to finally end our Tuesday night problems. With the addition of Aston Villa Central midfielder Barry Bannan added to the squad we are looking good for the remainder of the season , one thing for sure is it's going to be entertaining.

Barry Bannan
Barry Bannan