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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dead Space 2 Game Review - Courtesy of David Green

I was very excited to final get around to playing this game having played the previous game. So I popped the disk in and the first thing I notice was a recap section where if you didn't play first game or you don't remember you could watch a small video and tell you the story. I personally think this feature should appear in more games.

As I put the hours into the game (think I finished it on 8 ½ hours), I was on the edge of my seat due to a compelling story and also jumping numerous times. It played exactly like I remember it the hub built onto your character and your guns, the running up and down halls and space as you severed off limbs from the necromorphs, completing mini puzzles to access the next area like the old school resident evil games.

The one main problem I had with it which most people on the net did too, was the last two chapters which if you didn't know how to kill the last new necromorph your pretty much dead. Or you could just do what I did and run through the last two chapters ignoring ammo and other stuff behind. To me that was aggravating as I loved exploring each level looking in each room and space.

As for the final boss fight it took me about eight attempts to do as in general you have lack of ammo and life as you just had to run through two levels, and to make matters worst you cant purchase ammo from the store as the last store u encounter was in chapter 13 and you don't even know it the last time for you to stock up.

I still highly recommend you buy this game though, for me the game gets a score of 86%.

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