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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Very Special Interview With Mr Eric M Smith Co Creator of Da Sharpshooters

Today i have a very special interview with Mr Eric M Smith co creator of  Da Sharpshooters wrestling podcast we recently took some time out to chat here's how it went down

Ross - How did you come to the decision to do a podcast ?

Eric - Depending on who you ask the story may vary. I have always been into computers and technology. The term podcasting was introduce to me by one of the tech gurus I enjoyed listening to, Leo Laporte. He said that all you needed was a computer, microphone, recording software, and an ideal. This sounded extremely cool, however I did not embrace it right away. It took the purchase of my iMac computer that got everything in motion.

The iMac had all of the items Leo mentioned and all we needed was an ideal. So i told my brothers we should do a podcast, Marcus was down and of course Ryan was against it as always. The only thing needed was an ideal, which prove to be a difficult task.

Leo recommended that when thinking of an ideal for a podcast do a topic that you are knowledgeable about and something no one else was doing. We spent weeks or maybe months until we decided to talk about pro-wrestling and the rest is history. Marcus and I sat down recorded the god awful first episode and we have been doing it since.

Ross - How does it feel to know you have people who look forward to your show each week and look for your opinions on there questions ?

Eric - Speaking for myself it's a hard feeling to describe. I feel honored that so many people actually would care about what Marcus and I have to say about pro-wrestling. For us I think we enjoy getting the feedback more than anything and we look forward to reading each e-mail (I usually do not read them until we record).

My view of the show is that we are a digital community and we are all neighbors and once a week we get together to throw a block party, cheesy I know but that's the best way to describe it.

Ross - Did you and your brothers watch wrestling growing up ?

Eric - Yes, it we weren't playing video games or with action figures we were watching wrestling. I don't think we ever missed an episode by choice while growing up. I remember sometimes my grandparents would be mad at each other because of something that happen in wrestling and our mother couldn't believe it. 

Ross - How do you feel about the current state of the wrestling business ?

Eric - I think the wrestling business is the same as it has always been. It's has it's highs and lows. The biggest difference in my opinion are the wrestling fans. With so much information available to us, we tend to not let our imagination run wild.

Wrestling is about having fun, and that is what I try to do when I watch. I do not agree with everything that may happen and all that I ask is that the wrestlers actions on screen stay consistent with the character they are portraying. I feel that if the fans would based their opinions on what they saw instead of what they read wrestling would be more enjoyable.

That fun aspect is what we try to covey to our audience. We take what we read in the news apply it to the character that is played on television and run with it. Wrestling is fun and once we all stop taking it so serious some things about it are enjoyable.   

Ross - if /when you have children will you allow them to watch wrestling / is there any era you would discourage them from watching ?

Eric - Probably not until I am sure that they are able to distinguish what is real and not real. Also it also depends on what my wife has to say about.

The attitude era/hardcore era is what I would discourage them from watching. Young children are so impressionable and that era was for adults. I like the direction WWE is going trying to bring the family back into wrestling. There is a way to make the product enjoyable for adults and children. A company that has mastered this type of entertainment is Pixar, their movies are enjoyable by all ages. I am confident WWE can get there also, I am such a WWE loyalist.

Ross - Who are some of your favorite wrestlers from past eras and also of the current generation who stands out to you ?

Eric - I always enjoyed the confident and technical wrestlers. From the past I would say Shawn Michaels, Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, Arn Anderson, Jake Roberts, The Rock and the list could go on. Current wrestlers are Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, Nigel McGuiness, John Cena, AJ Styles and Kurt Angle to name a few.

Ross - Have you and Marcus ever had any  serious disagreements about things said on the show

Eric - One time but I could not remember what it was about and it was in the infancy of the show. Plus, Marcus will never let anything stop him from doing the show because he loves being able to say he has been on every episode of the podcast.

Ross - Can you see Ryan returning to the podcast ?

Eric - Yes, however he has to want to do it. I have offered to record at their house so our grandfather is not alone but he declines.

Ross - How long does it normally to edit and post a show ?

Eric - To edit and post less than ten minutes because we don't edit. Our downfall is recording because as you can tell we suffer from ADD and we get distracted and put off track easily.

Ross - Can you see a time when you don't do the podcast ?

Eric - Yes, when it's not fun anymore or we are unable to do it. When our mother passed it almost ended but we realized she would want us to keep going, in all honestly when we did the show it was like therapy because it allowed us not to dwell in our sorrow and we thank everyone for that.

Ross - Are there any more plans for live shows ?

Eric -No plans, but of course we are not the planning type. We are still learning how to balance our different schedules which make doing live shows difficult.

Ross - And finally is the best of the sharpshooters show ever going to see the light of day?

Eric - Well I wished I had an answer for that one. That is all on Marcus and if it is ever release it will be the first show I listen to in it's entirety. 

Id like to thank Eric very much for agreeing to do this interview it has been a pleasure and if you want to check out Da Sharpshooters wrestling podcast which i highly recommend  you can find it in iTunes just search Da Sharpshooters or you can go to and get the show from there

Thursday, July 29, 2010

iPhone 4

So tomorrow is iPhone 4 day for me , and yes before anyone says anything the signal issue may be a absolute joke but last month i made a combined total of 17mins worth of calls from my current mobile (HTC Hero) , so the signal issue isn't really one that is concerning me to much !

This is really just a post to big up the HTC Hero , its a brilliant phone which runs on the android OS and i have never had any problems with it at all , the android marketplace is also growing very quickly with many useful apps.

The only downside to the phone is the camera which while being 5MP it doesn't have a flash so makes taking pictures in certain situations tricky , but if thats the only gripe i can find from a PHONE then its doing something right .

In conclusion buy a HTC Hero if your a strong minded free willed person if your a sheep like me then go for the iPhone

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Crackdown 2 mini review

If like me you enjoy running around a made up cartoon city full of bad guys and zombie freaks looking for little green flashy orbs in high hard to reach places then Crackdown 2 is the game for you !

So far i am unaware of any actually storyline to this game it seems to consist of doing the same one thing over and over again.

My Score is 68 %

Monday, July 26, 2010

F***ING Argos Home Delivery

Avoid ordering for home delivery !
As you can probably guess from the title of this post i have been waiting in all day for a delivery from Argos , Now i dont claim to be a busy man at all but monday is my regular day off from work and i really dont enjoy spending all day inside waiting for a delivery.

So if anyone wants to bring me some bread and milk to my house whilst im imprisoned here that would be great.

Cheers Ross