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Wednesday, February 16, 2011



Yeah I'm now 27 but this is big big big news the rock is back at least until wrestlemania but hell I'll take that !

Here's the video of his return on raw from feb 14th

Monday, February 14, 2011

The following is a paid advertisement (not really) for tesco home delivery service

So neither me nor my wife can drive which can prove troublesome when it comes to making sure there is food in our flat , our solution is to use Tesco's excellent home delivery service .

Having ordered our food on-line yesterday evening (Sunday 6pm ish) we chose a delivery slot of Monday morning 9 - 11 it turned up at 9:01am but what I am most impressed with is the substitution of items that are unavailable in there store , having ordered a 250g jar of marmite I instead got a 500g jar for no extra cost as the 250g jar was out of stock and shit more marmite is always a good thing !

Thats my little review done i highly recommend using it if you cant be arsed to go to the store or cant drive.

Now if you have been following my blog you will be aware that we have a puppy he is now 3 months old and a HELL of a lot bigger than we thought he would be at this stage photographic evidence of this is below.

but with him now being old enough to go out for walks that is making things around the house a lot better with him finally being able to burn of that excessive energy rather than use it to try and destroy our home!

now on to something you may enjoy if you like to take the piss out of video games this is a episode of Games Radar's Trailer Trash Theater which is very very funny so be sure to check out the rest of them as well 

Tomorrow is my 27Th birthday so I'm off to contemplate life and my impending death until next time Peace out