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Monday, April 25, 2011

Daily blog : holiday day 4

So then day 4 , good lord it's been a long day ! I was up and out at 7 am walking the dog after giving him his flea protection liquid which you apply directly to his neck , he then proceeded to rub his self all over the carpet trying to get it off , cheers dog.

Anyway after a walk and letting my wife have a lie in we then went to the range with my sister in law and her husband and got the garden supplies mentioned yesterday.

After a few hours of FIFA 11 over xbox live with my brother in law Rob I cracked on with the aforementioned gardening I was out there for a good few hours and managed to get the worst part of it out of the way .

After coming inside to keep a eye on the football scores which as it turns out was a complete waste of time as Leeds suffered yet another defeat this time at the hands of championship strugglers crystal palace final score Palace 1 Leeds 0

That's enough about today I'm to tired to write anymore plus I'm trying to watch a Derren Brown Programe right now if you don't mind

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