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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Daily blog : holiday day 5 (a little late)

So day five came and went and once again it was a busy one , it started at 9 am today getting up the same time as Nicky she made me two bacon rolls , I should also say she's made me breakfast everyday this week one of the perks of her being off aswell .

After breakfast we took the dog for a walk over the local field and then on to see Rob so he could take his dog , a Jack Russell called Fudge out for a walk aswell .

After the walks I went back to Rob's and we played a few games of fifa11 on xbox while Nicky came home to make a quiche.

Around 4pm I went to play Golf with Sean and Mark (although mark didn't play he just came along for the hell of it) when we eventually found the course , (Sean took a wrong turn on the way there) it was good fun the first time I'd been on a golf course in over a year it felt good to get back out there.

Me and Nicky had Kebabs for dinner no one finished all of it and then we got on with watching some tv as I normally work Tuesday's I realised I don't miss anything on telly on a tues night

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