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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Daily blog : holiday day 2

My day started at 7:40 this morning when a combination of my wife and my dog woke me up

After my wife left for woke I decided stain in bed would be a waste of time so up I got had a quick shower whilst the dog played in the garden , then on went some washing (1st load of the day) , I watched a episode of modern family and then decided to head to town to waste some of my wages on clothes I really didn't need !

I returned 2 hours and £100 later hung out the washing and then took the dog for a walk by this time it was absolutely roasting hot so when we got back the dog chilled in the shade while cracked on with a important session of football manager 2011 4 hours later I fed the dog then went to see my mate dave

After another quick trip to town I settled in to watch Chelsea beat west ham in what will go down in history as the momentous occasion of 50 million pound striker Fernando Torres' first goal for Chelsea.

Then had some dinner , laughed at the idiots of britans got talent and took the dog for another walk !

So that was day two pretty busy but still good
Happy Easter everyone

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