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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

2 Down 2 To Go

So come Friday morning 7am I will be on holiday for the next 17 days and I really cant bloody wait . For those of you that work nights you will be able to sympathize with me the hell it is trying to sleep when the weather has turned to what it is currently that being BLOODY HOT !

In the winter months I can quite easily get 7/8 hours sleep everyday after a night shift with it being cold and dark that is very easy to do , but god damn during the summer months it is so hard to get more than 5 hours it is just to uncomfortable to sleep.

The problem is the next night at work I struggle to stay awake big time especially when it gets to about 2 am and it comes time to write the orders for the following night  , having to look through 3 order books of tiny tiny tiny writing is very hard !

but hey enough of my moaning work ain't that bad really it pays the bills and gives me money to enjoy myself , Like going to Alton Towers and to Twickenham for the Army v Navy rugby game both of which I am doing in the next two weeks GOOD TIMES

Army V Navy

oh yeah there's some sort of big wedding happening aswell think ill give that a miss

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