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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Daily blog : holiday day 3

3 days down 14 to go . Today has been a very busy day in terms of walking , but it's also been very enjoyable.

The day started at 10 am for us today after having showers we decided to head down to the range to get some garden supplies , tools , waste bags etc the only problem with that plan of course is that today is Easter Sunday which didn't really Dawn on us untill we were half way there ! So that turned into a 2 hour dog walk with us going all over from monks walk all the way to the hard , we stopped off at the Jolly Roger pub for a little afternoon drink and to give the dog a rest in the shade.

When we got home my wife did a bit of sunbathing whilst I watched the old firm clash on telly while playing of course football manager .

Our evening was spent dining alfresco with Jenny and Rob at there house we had some lovely BBQ'd lamb chops with veg , it's was beautiful.

Now to watch some more modern family with my lovely wife before heading to bed , hope you've all had a nice Easter.

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Location:Foxlea Gardens,Gosport,United Kingdom

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