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Monday, April 4, 2011

Wrestlemania 27 Rview

So Wrestlemania 27 has been and gone the big winner on the night has to be The Rock although his opening monologue went on a bit his other interactions during the show were worth while and if you haven't seen it yet I won't ruin it for you , but overall I was very impressed with the show the following contains spoilers so look away now if you don't want to know the results.

The first match on the card was surprisingly the World heavyweight title match pitting Edge(c) vs Alberto Del Rio , after getting over the fact that a title match opened the show I became very pleased with the efforts of both competitors in a see saw match Edge came out victorious after blasting Del Rio with a Spear.

Cody Rhodes vs Rey Mysterio were next up , before the night I had predicted this match to steal the show but I was left slightly underwhelmed by it but ultimately happy with the outcome of Cody getting a nice win over Rey after hitting him with Rey's own knee brace.

The 8 man tag match was up next with The Core facing off against a team of Big Show , Kane , Santino and Kofi Kingston . Before the start of this match I said to my friend dave that I hoped the Core would be going over In this match and be made to look like a strong powerful unit , 3 mins later I was made to eat my words after a 8 man melee a cobra strike from Santino and a big right hand from Big Show it was all over The Core well and truly buried never to be taken serious again !

A match I had been really looking forward to that didn't disappoint followed with C.M Punk taking on Randy Orton in for me the match of the night Punk dominated from start to finish but as expected Orton came out with with the W after punk tried a springboard from the outside of the ring straight into a RKO.

Following on from seeing the 2011 hall of fame inductees which by the way featured the biggest cheer of the night for HBK the match Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole began with Cole hiding inside his colemine untill Lawler went in there to get him out , the remainder of the match was fairly ugly to watch brining back horrible images of Bret Hart v Vince McMahon from last year , Jerry Lawler got the W after hitting Cole with punch from the second rope and then applying the ankle lock , then stone cold Steve Austin obviously gave everyone in the ring bar Lawler a stone cold stunner including Booker T and also Josh Matthews after Josh had informed Lawler that the match had been awarded to Cole due to Stone colds interference ( I should point out if you didn't know Austin was the special guest ref and Josh Matthews was relaying the decision from the anonymous Raw GM )

On we moved to what most people thought would be a Wrestlemania classic and in some ways it was I'm of course talking about Undertaker Vs HHH , for HHH to top what Hbk and Taker had done the two previous years he was going to have to pull out his best performance since early 2001 when he had a epic feud with Mick Foley . I can confirm Hunter looked back to his best with a stellar performance hitting Taker with not only 3 pedigrees but also a Tombstone but in the end after taker had taken around 10 steel chair shots to the back he locked Hunter in the Hell's Gate submission hold and after about 2 mins of struggling Hunter tapped out. Great match and there's much less shame in tapping out to that than Cena's awful STFU like HHH did a few years ago.

Speaking of Mr Cena his title match with defending champion The Miz was up next in the main event of the evening , after a fairly boring main event in my view it looked like it was all over after a double count out had ended the match , but the host of the evening The Rock was having none of that so came down to the ring and ordered the match to restart immediately , Rock then proceeded to hit Cena with the rock bottom for The Miz to pick up the win and retain his title . The Rock wasn't done there though after the match during The Miz's celebration Rock re-entered the ring to dominate The Miz and end the show celebrating in the Ring

Over all it was a good mania not up there with WM 17 for me but a very solid show , let down by not having a Money in the bank match but with there now being a MITB PPV i suppose that would be overkill.

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