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Saturday, August 27, 2011

lets not be to down hearted

Simon Grayson contemplates the start to the season 

lets not be to down hearted about how the season has gone so far yes we have now lost 3 of out first 5 games and apart from the appalling display at St Mary's on the first day of the season we have gone down to teams after we have had men sent off  , 2 men off at elland road a few weeks back against Middlesbrough and again today Aidy White sent off away at Ipswich without these men being sent off I firmly believe we would have won both of those games . The first half of today's game we totally dominated Ipswich but as so often happens we fail to add more than 1 goal when we have these spells of dominance and in the end went down to a long range strike and a deflected loop of Lonergan.

We have a two week break now before our next league game against Crystal Palace we should use this time to work on squad discipline and try to cut out these needless red cards and lets finish games off while we are in control of them .

41 league games to go and a small matter of Scum rocking up at Elland Road before the end of Sept .


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