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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Disappointment (a year in games by Dave Green)


For me this year games have been really disappointing with no real motivation to play the xbox at all. LA Noire had no really chemistry for me to be inspired to play.
Where as everyone is fighting for Xmas no.1
Here is the list of games to which I am looking forward to:

Gears of War 3 (20 sept)
Skyrim (11 nov)
Batman Arkham City ( 20 oct)
Bioshock : infinite (31 dec)
Assassin Creed (31 dec)
Modern Warfare 3 (8 nov) 

To me modern warfare will be last as I have no investment in that franchise , but the other games are 6 – 60 hours worth of play so why has no one released there game and tried to get one of these out in summer and have a great hit instead of competing for the same audience.

I am truly glad that Mass Effect 3 was pushed back to march for that exact reason. Bioware look after there customers I do believe. And if the previous Mass Effect games are anything to go by its going to be a huge game.

What games are you looking forward to this coming holiday period , leave a comment and let us know


  1. for me its

    Madden 12
    Fifa 12
    WWE 12

    MW3 - although this is gonna be a game when i complete the story mode and then trade it in cause i suck at multiplayer, and fps are not really my thing, prefer sports games,

  2. i gotta agree with you manny i cant wait for all 3 of those games but also skyrim and mass effect for me age gonna be ones i lose hours of life playing