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Monday, August 29, 2011

WWE issues

When CM Punk won the wwe title from
John Cena at the Money in the bank PPV held in his home town of Chicago in July they had on there hands a potential gold mine story line , with punks contract ending on the same night they should of in my opinion kept him off tv for at least 2 months to build the suspense for his return to the ring at either the night of champions ppv or even survivor series in November .

But as is the norm these days in wwe they have to rush everything and punk returned to wwe tv after only 1 week away returning to challenge the newly crowned wwe champion John Cena ( via Rey Mysterio ) to a champion vs champion
Match at summerslam , having beaten Cena in this match it seemed that the wwe had finally made a good decision to not go with old faithful Cena in the role of champion seemingly looking to push Punk all the way up there with the likes of Austin , the Rock & yes even Cena , but wait after the match out of nowhere Kevin Nash appears in the ring and jacknife powerbombed punk for Alberto Del Rio to come out and cash in his money in the bank briefcase he won the previous month he promptly beat Punk and became the new champion , ADR as champion I have no problem with he is a upcoming talent just lacking in one or two areas but it's still early days for him.

My main problem and the whole point of this blog entry is my bemusement with the whole involvement of Kevin Nash with wrestling in general in 2011 , this guy has been over the hill for about 6 years now his awful TNA run which highlighted how badly his knees have gone should of been enough of a warning to anyone in the higher echelons of wwe that Nash's time in the spotlight had gone , it should now be the time of young and upcoming stars such as Punk , ADR , The Miz , Bryan Danielson ( Daniel Bryan ) & Wade Barrett but the longer they keep going back to these old guys the more the future stars will regress and miss opportunities to make the top spot there own .

Now is the time to invest in the future stars of tomorrow for the financial health of the next 20 years do it now Vince

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