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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bloody customers (RANT)

With morrisons now being open every day until 9pm we nightshifters now have the added pleasure of dealing with customers for a hour, this on it's own I have no problem with it slows us down a little but ultimately it probably a good thing . The thing that does piss me off however is when I am working down a aisle typically household or pet food I will have a cart full of stock to put out which when my aisle isn't busy will normally be in the middle of the aisle , now if you as a customer cane down the aisle I would of course move it out of the way and apologise for the inconvenience , at this point a regular human being would say "that's ok" or "thank you" infact most beings would say something but apparently if you are one of those people who choose to do your shipping at this time of night you were clearly dragged up and not taught any manners at all .

In the end though there's really nothing I can do about it so I suppose it's just gonna have to stay this way ! God some people . RANT OVER now back to work as my tea break is over

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