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Monday, August 23, 2010

You Cant Trust Anyone

With all the new money coming in to the premier league you simply cant trust all of the supposed big 4 to get a result these days , confused let me explain

Fed up with placing accumulators and not getting a return for my money i decided to use a tactic once employed by a friend ( Jack Curson if you must know ) of putting £10 on the big 4 clubs plus the two Scottish teams (I'm unaware of other Scottish teams named anything other than Rangers and Celtic) so this weekend i had £10 Safely placed on Arsenal , Chelsea , Rangers , Celtic and Man Utd now two of these teams destroyed there opposition with 6-0 wins and the other two also won fairly comfortable , but the supposed mighty Man utd couldn't beat an admittedly decent Fulham even with all the help Fulham gave them in the form of a penalty (missed) and a O.G . Frustrating in the extreme

So in closing don't trust any of the big 4 its going to be one of those seasons

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