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Monday, August 30, 2010

Bank Holiday Monday !

So yet another bank holiday rolls around and as far as I can see there is no bond film on tv today , now personally I'm not a big bond film fan but surely it's a sort of tradition . But there is a superman film on you may cry yes I can see that but it is in no way comparable to 007.

I've recently picked up mafia 2 on xbox 360 so most of my free time is being taken up by that at the moment , in terms of it being a open world game it's actually very unopen as you do really have to stick to where the game wants you to go to complete the next mission.

The combat system works very well with only the occasional glitch in the targeting, the story it's self is quite compelling following the story of Vito Scaletta in his quest to make it to the top of the mafia tree .

The game lends heavily from mafia movies such as the godfather & goodfellas among others but any fans of the those films and the sandbox style of game I think will find this very entertaining .

I also like the look of metroid : other M on wii which I may pick up even after a few dodgy reviews if so I'll give a little review soon.

That's all for now but keep a eye on the blog for a very special interview coming up with a genuine podcast legend

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