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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Special Interview with the Grandfinale !

This weeks i have a very special interview with the co-creator / co host of Da Sharpshooters wrestling podcast its Mr Grandfinale himself Marcus so lets not waste any more time lets get right to it .

Ross - Before you started the podcast how would you and your brothers get out your wrestling frustrations

Marcus - Well, i  really don't think it's anything different from you hear on the show. Us going back and forth with alternative story lines of our on. Most of the time our conversation would be while we are playing video games or with our action figures. Some how and someway wrestling would enter into a conversation.

Ross - When you were young which was your fav wrestling toy , for me it was the ultimate warrior with the White trunks that did the gorilla press motion .

Marcus - My favorite wrestling toy was my ultimate warrior wrestling buddy. I love that thing. I remember having matches with the wrestling buddy on the patio, doing all sorts of different moves. My favorite part about the wrestling was trying to come up with new moves to make the best match possible rather it be me doing a move on him or him doing a move on me. So much fun.

Ross - As Eric will never reveal his top 5 , what is your top 5 for current and former wrestlers ?

Marcus - My top changes almost every year. They appear in different order so I think I'm just going to list in any order
Ultimate warrior
Bryan Danielson
The macho man randy savage
Stone cold Steve Austin
The rock
Hulk hogan
And mr. Perfect
And Bret hart

Okay that's seven but 5 of those are in the five just can't separate. Maybe a few ties in there

Ross - How did you find it was coming back to do the show after the passing of your mother , was it therapeutic in some ways ?

Marcus - At first it was weird. I can't explain it. Coming back I was wondering if we could care as much,or have as much fun. It turn out to be more fun second time around, because knowing we still had the support of our listeners made it feel even better. All the polite messages, e-mails and the feeling of being appreciated made it very therapeutic. I have always felt that this show was my sanctuary from all the madness in the real world. It's funny how something so fake can be so real.

Ross - Ryan has often been accused of being a hater of certain things about wrestling , what one thing currently makes you angry about the business ?

Marcus - Tna. Easy answer. No, just kidding. I really don't get angry about the business. Frustrated a little but never angry. To me it's all fun. Really even the dumb stuff makes me laugh. It's all entertainment. And without all the problems this show would suck. So to wrestling I love your crap. That's deep.

Ross - What is if like to know that you have so many listeners that want your opinions on things in the listener feedback section ?

Marcus - It's still blows my mind. It's very indescribable. I mean it continues to fuel me every time I do the show. I never in a million years though we would get one listener, let alone listeners who would email the show asking me and Eric what our opinions are. It's quite spectacular. Especially the listeners we have. Each and everyone have there on unique spin on wrestling, and they are all very creative about sharing there emotions about the sport. Very fun stuff.

Ross - Do you enjoy the live shows you do and would you like to do more frequent ones in the future ?

Marcus - Love the live shows. It's nice to know your just not talking to air and someone is paying attention. Wish we could do more of them, but our crazy insane schedules seem to be in the way. Maybe one day we will have another. My dream is to do one in front of a jam pack audience live on some stage. That would be Interesting

Ross - What are your honest opinions on the state of the wrestling business currently ?

Marcus - It is what it is. To me it seems very healthy and strong. Of course not as strong as the attitude but strong. I believe that wwe is heading in a interesting direction. In which they can't cheat by going all out with hardcore blood and guts. PG is a lot more challenging then the edgy programing we are a custom to. It's really testing your audience patients. Tna on the other hand  is still to be determined

Ross - What is you favourite match of all time ?

Marcus - Hogan vs Warrior wrestlemania 6. Just great storytelling. And cheesy to an extent. But still a great match.

Ross - Where do you see the wrestling business in 5/10 years time , will tna still exist what will become of Roh , dragon gate etc ?

Marcus - Tna gone from the map. I think unless they come up with a business model they are screwed. That company needs strong leadership. I could actually see one day when roh or dragon gate becomes wwe number 1 competition, because wwe keeps stealing there talent. But it's all about money, and can they last.

And finally will the best of show ever see the light of day !
Yeah one day. Just gotta get some stuff together. You saw how long it was for me to respond to your email. So the best of show is always around the corner.

I'd like to thank Marcus for participating in this interview with me it has been great to get his insight in to the wrestling business if you want to check out his work for yourself then head on over to dasharpshooters website or search for Da Sharpshooters on itunes that is unless you like to spit in a bottle , once again thank you Marcus much appreciated 


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