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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Disappointing video games

Fable 3 is a disappointment , Let me explain I have always been a big fan of the fable series on Xbox I never owned a original xbox but as soon as i found out that the 360 would have the facility to download xbox original games I was on fable straight away and loved it from the first to the last minute , with a very compelling story along with fun side quests it was a different style of RPG from the ones i had played previously (such as Final Fantasy)

When I heard that Fable 2 was coming to Xbox 360 I eagerly awaited its release even pre ordering it something I very rarely do and once i got my copy it didn't leave my console until l had finished it. with much improved graphics , a deeper story line and even more side quests including taking on jobs to earn more money. It also bought in the for your actions to effect the look of your character , for instance one night after performing a rather evil act I turned my console off and went to bed when i next loaded up the game my character had developed demon horns on his head , which changed the way all the NPC's reacted to me in game.

So we now get to Fable 3 as soon as i put it in and loaded it up i wasn't feeling it something didn't feel right the graphics didn't seem to have improved if anything they seem to have gone back a generation , the camera also seemed very hard to control often not enabling me to see all the enemy's on screen which can be a problem .
I have only played for around 1 hour so really cant comment on the story of this game but all in all this game has left me massively disappointed and for this i can only really blame Peter Molyneux , the reason for this is this man is a one man HYPE machine who always hypes up his games way beyond anything they can ever realistically expect to achieve . When this happened with fable 2 I forgave him as the game stood up on its own but not this time and in future i will be cautious when buying a Molyneux product

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