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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New Xbox 360 Dashboard Update

So the new dashboard update is now live on the Xbox 360 lets have a little look through the features shall we , the main reason for the update is for the launch of microsofts new peripheral which apparently makes you the controller (we'll see) .

The first change you will see is the new opening sequence of the xbox which has been modified slightly , check out the video above to see the new start up 

The most noticable changes are to the overall appearance of the dashboard , gone are the old neon green tabs replaced with new white square one , for me this is a step backwards in appearance but hey each to there own .

They have also included a new easier way to get to your family settings very handy if you share a console with your children 

There has also been updates to the lay out of both game and music marketplace and also new features in the zune marketplace , it now also displays your microsoft points total in the top right hand corner for a quicker way to view them 

One minor change is to the font that the dashboard uses its a subtle difference but its one that i like a lot it makes names and Cheevo's that much clearer to read 

Overall I'm fairly happy with the new look , it certainly does load up quicker and the new font is very nice .
Let me know what you think in the comments section Cheers 


  1. i ku=inda like it, but i do agree with you about the white tabs being a step backward. i know it was mainly done due to the whole Kinect 'gizmo', but i think the dashboard is gonna outlast the tech it was designed for.

  2. spot on mate you clearly share the same view as me when it comes to kinnect