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Monday, November 15, 2010

Dave's Game Reviews Oct - Nov

Guest Videogames reviewer David Green

We Doodle

my first impressions were that the game had no appeal to me but after a few hours playing it had become addictive. As a not very good drawer it does me well to say this game make me worse but still fun.
I found it a lot easier after turning off the doodle assist, making my pictures, kinda matching the words. 
Alas this game is only complete due to the fact you challenge your friends to guess what you have drawn, then the challenge you and you find out that they can't draw either.

Overall' this games provides hours of fun and silliness, so I highly recommend you download this from itunes.

Enslaved: odyssey to the west

After playing the demo, I knew this was a game I wanted to buy. After weeks of having no money I went on the hunt to get my copy eager with anticipation, I strolled in to blockbuster and found it at an ridiculous price, thinking Asda was my next best chance I went there and after thinking that was the best price I was gonna get for it I went to Morrisons to find a bargain.

Blockbuster new : £39.99
Blockbuster pre owned: £37.99
Asda :£34.71

Once home I threw the disc in to the tray and loaded it up with great eagerness, as it loaded up the music and cinematic's played wow sheer brilliance, but I already knew that as the game plays on the unreal engine. So game play it a cross between Prince of Persia and Assassins Creed( a hack and slash breed with adventure gaming). The game consists of 14 levels most of which take 25 – 35 minutes, game completion in about 5 -6 hours long so not very long but you wont be disappointed with what you get.

The storyline
Your enslaved by a teenage girl who controls you with a slave headband, the girl wants to go home but she cant make it on her own so she forces you to help her or die. So as you cross the landscapes you come across enemies in the form of mechs, which want to kill you as they are out for them selves and hate humans.

As a hack and slash game of course it has upgrades.
Which come in four types
plasma stick
All to which can only be upgraded by collecting red orbs or defeating enemies,


After my first play through I got 545 achievement points. I found this was a game to which my girlfriend wanted to watch me play as the storyline had gripped her so I have given it extra points and based on game play and graphics an 86%

xbox 360 kinect

My first impression is this device for me was a good purchase unlike some may think (you know who you are). It entertains the kids and the rest of the family too.

Kinect adventures

This game comes with the kinect device, I had low expectations for this game due to what I had read or heard about it but I found it fun and it differs a lot from the Nintendo Wii much more advanced technology I think. This game makes you look stupid and funny as your doing the various activities which is what makes it fun.

So don't be shy and buy your kinect today overall score for game 78%

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