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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rock Band Sells Out (SHOCK)

When I first heard Youth and Young Manhood I thought i had finally found a good old fashioned rock band in the Kings of Leon but ever since that album they have slowly worked there way towards becoming more and more radio friendly right up to this latest release "Radioactive" .

You could see this coming with tracks like "The Bucket" on Aha Shake Heartbreak and "on call" and "Fans" on Because of the times , mainly as the rest of those albums contained good ol' rock tunes the real problem happened when the monster "Sex on fire" was released , the amount of times that song got played on was very disturbing for someone who had been with them from there first "Rock" album .

And now to this latest single "Radioactive" is so radio friendly it makes me feel a little sick , I'm fully expecting the video for the next single to contain no musical instruments and have a full on dance routine , anyway that's my view on the Kings of Leon i know lots of people love them these says like i used to , as many parents have said I'm not angry I'm just disappointed.

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