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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Medal Of Honor : Guest Reviewer David Green

I recently went into blockbuster in the mind set to rent 'Enslaved: odyssey to the west' but it was all out so I picked up the new 'Medal Of Honor'.

The missions in this game are short and not really full of action it took me only five hours to complete this game to make your experience better I personally recommend that you play through on hard I found your AI team mates will kill most of your opponents before you get the chance to aim. The only thing that stand out in this game are the cut scenes which are nice and very realistic. 
There are a few in mission achievements to pick up that you could quite easily miss if you don't look at the achievements list first.

The multi player experience is good but nowhere near up to the standard of call of duty, first of all you have the choice of three weapons in total one with each class which you don't get to change until you level up a few times. The maps are far to small for a 12 VS 12 team games. You do however get achievements for p levelling up each class and playing online for long hours for example playing online for two hours.

Overall I give this game a 72%

I highly recommend you rent and not purchase this game!

(ed- id like to thank Dave for taking time out of his day to write up this little review for me here's hoping for more soon)

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