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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mass Effect 3

Well I CANNOT WAIT for Friday , as this is Mass Effect 3 day one of the happiest days of this gaming year . Mass Effect 2 is for me the greatest gaming achievement on any console from any era the conversation wheel enables you to give such varied responses that any 2 play throughs are ever the same with so many different ways to go down your chosen route be that the Good guy (Paragon) or the evil dude (Renegade) . I do always try and play with the choices I would make in the real world thus making me always go down the Paragon path.

The interactions with the members of your crew are another marvel that no other game has come close to achieving , one wrong word and you will shut down a whole story arc with that particular character so you cant just skip through the dialogue with the supporting cast every response counts.

If ME3 can take these 2 particular parts of the previous games and expand on them i will be so happy i may actually explode from gaming goodness . If you haven't pre ordered it already go do it now its pretty much a standard price £37.99 across the board from all your favourite online retailers.

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