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Friday, December 17, 2010

Noisy F****ng Neighbours

************RANT WARNING RANT WARNING ************

how google senses your frustration

So I live in a council house converted into two flats , the girl who lives downstairs from me is a 100% bitch who must actually be deaf or very very hearing impaired to need to have music played at that level constantly.

In my opinion if you are living in flats you need to consideration for the people living upstairs/downstairs from you , its not hard to let someone know when your having a party for instance and then maybe shutting the music off at  around 2am I don't feel this is asking too much !

But the fact that I can't even lay on my own sofa with out the vibrations from the music giving me a headache is a bit much .

Rant Over

on suggestion from my neighbour about how to deal with the noise i got told to buy some of these ! How Nice

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